• The initial page of the portfolio functions as an index, providing direct access to all of the photographs. Clicking on the thumbnail image will take you directly to the image. Using the browser back button will take you back to the index page. You can also use the control buttons that are in the upper left hand corner of the page to move throgh the images without returning to the index.  The < button takes you to the previous image in the portfolio, the > button takes you to the next image. If you are attached to the Internet, the H button will take you to the homepage of an online publication of a larger set of work. The I button returns you to the portfolio index.

  • All of the photographs in this portfolio have a higher resolution than the screen can display.  The image control panel at the bottom of the page lets you explore these images.  You can zoom into the image and move the window around to see details or zoom out to get a view of the entire image.  The + and - buttons control zooming and the four arrow buttons move the viewing window around the image.  The circle with the arrow will return you to the initial image view.  With some browser/system combinations these buttons are not functional, but the same image manipulations can still be acheived using the mouse.  The position of triangle shows the current zoom setting and can be slid left or right using the mouse with the left button down to zoom in or out.  When zoomed in, the position of the image can be moved using the mouse.  After moving the mouse into the image and depressing the left button, movements of the mouse will be translated into movements of the image. (If you move the mouse out of the mindow with the button down, the software will assume that the button is down regardless of its position.  Moving the mouse onto the control bar at the bottom of the screen, depressing the left mouse button then moving it onto the screen with the button down and releasing it will unstick the button.)